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2016 Outdoor Photographer of the Year

I was excited to have had a total of 8 images shortlisted in this year's competition, with one through to the final round.

There is some stunning work on the OPOTY website displaying those shortlisted photographers and their images and it was a great honour to have been selected and to have had my work considered amongst these. 

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2016  British Wildlife Photography Awards

Highly Commended: 'Catching the Sun (Round-leaved sundew)' 

I was lying in the bog with water seeping through my clothes, hand holding my camera, my ear in the water and lens on the sphagnum moss. Trying to focus on the tiny sundew plant, I was getting really fed up but then the first rays of the rising sun caught the sticky traps. I was mesmerised. A spider started to spin a thread from the flower spike. Magic!

The image was taken at Westhay Moor Nature Reserve, Somerset, England.  It was a magical morning that started with the sound of a cuckoo and a beautiful dawn.  I'd gone to photograph dragonflies but, they weren't to be seen!  Learning? Photograph what's actually working!

I was really delighted to hear that I'd had 4 images shortlisted in the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards.  I kept my fingers crossed for the announcement of the results and was delighted to hear that Catching the Sun had been Highly Commended.

I went to the BWPA celebration on 5th September and had a wonderful time meeting old and new friends and admiring the stunning images on the wall of Mall Gallery.  It seemed to me that the standard had really gone up this year.  I was proud to be amongst the successful and celebrated photographers once again!

Here's a link to the BWPA award winners 2016 and below, a gallery of my shortlisted images.

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2015  British Wildlife Photography Awards

Highly Commended: 'Winter Beech Trees: A different perspective' 

I used a wide-angle lens, and lay on my back on the woodland floor, hand holding the camera. I liked the way that the gaps appeared between the trees when the wind blew.  I waited until I saw the spaces in the canopy before I pressed the shutter.

This image, 'Stag in Wintry Woods', taken at Alvie Estate last winter, was not only published in 'BWPA Collection 6' but also made the rear cover.

In winter, wild red deer make their way cautiously through the woodlands of the Monadhliath Mountains for a daily supplementary feed. It was freezing cold. Wind-blown snow coated the sides of the trees. My aim was to keep the approaching stag as a small element in the wintry landscape.

Having chosen not to enter this competition in 2014, I was delighted when I heard that I'd had 5 images shortlisted in the BWPA competition in 2015.  

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Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 158

Nearly 5,000 images were submitted from 56 countries around the world.  100 prints are included in the final Exhibition, including 'Fighting Brown Bears'

The no-man's land between Russia and Finland provides a safe corridor of land for a number of northern Europe's most impressive and threatened predators.  I'd been locked into my tiny hide at 5.30pm and would be there until 07.30am keeping watch all night, hoping to see bears. Mist formed and swirled round the clearing in the ancient Taiga forest. I first heard and then saw the two young bears appearing through the mist and coming towards me. They were fighting. They came closer and closer. The fight lasted about 5 minutes with few pauses for rest before they reared up onto their hind legs and carried on.

Nearly 5,000 images were submitted from 56 countries around the world and just over 400 were selected for shortlist by the selectors.  Two of my images were included in the short-list.

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2014  ARPS

Having become an Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2012, I was ambitious to continue my photographic journey and I spent many, many months working towards becoming an Associate.  It wasn't an easy process and I describe something of this journey in my September 2014 entry.  I am actually quite proud of myself for managing to do this.  It would have been very easy to give up but I was daunted and determined in equal measure.  

I was very well supported by friends.  I am incredibly grateful to Del, Joan, Nigel, Cathy and Bob, without whose encouragement and support, I might well have given up.  

And now, I might even dare to breathe the 'F' word!

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2013 BWPA

Encouraged by my success in 2012 (see below), I entered the British Wildlife Photography Awards again in 2013 and was delighted to hear that two images were shortlisted. 

The Great Spotted Woodpecker was photographed in dazzling midday winter light in a stand of silver birch trees in the Cairngorms.  I was photographing from a hide in a stand of silver birch trees during a late morning in January. The sun came out and lit up the remnants of the snow and drops of moisture on the branches.  This moment was magical in itself... and then the Great Spotted Woodpecker flew into the middle of this sparkling scene.  He posed momentarily before flying off.

I was photographing the Beech avenue at Kingston Lacy and found this extraordinary fungi in the grass.  I photographed it with a long lens, keeping some grass in the foreground and making sure that I had a diffused, clean background.  I wanted the image to show the extraordinary texture of the stem and hood.  I used a torch to add some additioal light to illuminate it.

This image of Common White Helvella fungi was Highly Commended and included for publication in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013 Portfolio 4.


2012 BWPA

I entered a photograph into a competition for the first time in 2012 and was delighted to meet with some success at my first attempt. Two of my images were shortlisted for the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2012

The Merlin, photographed in the evening light in the Cairngorms, was shortlisted.



The Crested Tit, having been shortlisted, was selected to appear in the British Wildlife Photography Awards Portfolio Book 3.


2012 LRPS  

I was awarded Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2012.