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Introducing Millie

A funny old year

2018 was a funny old year and I can't say that I was sad to see the back of it. Health issues intervened and I spent lots of time in and out of Bart's Hospital in London.  I am incredibly lucky to have had phenomenal care from the health professionals that looked after me and from my family and friends.  It's a strange thing to think that a visit to Bart's almost feels like 'going home' and the wonderful staff teams feel like part of my extended family!

But 2019 is going to be a different year completely!  I'm determined!!  I've spent many years agonising about whether to get a dog and after lots of heart and soul searching, I took the plunge and drove to Wales at the beginning of December, to look at Whippet puppies.  I like Whippets!  They look a bit weird but they're affectionate, loyal and don't need masses of exercise despite their appearance.  They're good city dogs.  They're described as '40 miles an hour couch potatoes'. 

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When I went to fetch her and bring her home a couple of weeks later, she was handed over wrapped up in a pink fleecy blanket.  She managed the long journey home without any dramas.  I'd been quite nervous about it but it was strangely uneventful.  Millie has settled in remarkably well and life is not the same any more!  The grandchildren love her.. especially Harry, who has a real affinity with dogs. It is wonderful to see the relationships start and develop.  Very special.

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The first few weeks when we weren't allowed to go outside were a bit of an endurance test, but now, life is about dog walking and dog training... and it's all great fun!  Despite living in Stoke Newington for 37 years, I'm now meeting people and their dogs in Clissold Park and really enjoying it.

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I'm largely having a rest from my own creative photography although still working with a small group of commercial or conservation charity clients.  

And... my next huge adventure starts in the spring when I'll be getting a campervan!  I've toyed with the idea of a campervan for years and years and encouraged by my sister and bro-in-law, I'm finally doing it.  Millie and I will be off on our travels!  New adventures!!  

Whether I'll keep up my monthly blog, I'm not sure yet.  I'll still have my trusty iphone in my pocket ... and after all, the 'best camera' to have is the one that you have in your hand.  I'm even trying to take 'selfies' with Millie... but I might give up on that sooner rather than later!

Happy New Year everyone!!