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MARCH 2018

Fieldfare, Stoke Newington, London


It's pretty magical when unexpected visitors turn up.  The cold snap was fairly grim from a human perspective but the unexpected delight was a small flock of fieldfares who spotted the berries in my neighbour's garden and descended for a few minutes every hour or so and ate as many as they stuff down before disappearing to digest them. 

It was fascinating watching them, all the while hoping that one of them would hop into a more photographic position.  Each fieldfare would eat berry after berry until its crop was bulging and couldn't fit any more in... and periodically the bird would look extremely uncomfortable and would regurgitate a berry whole before swallowing it down again.  A bit gross but rather fascinating to watch!  

The reflected light from the snowy garden made the birds almost glow... and the local primary school made a wonderfully diffuse background!

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One of the best aspects of photography


A visit to Marlborough Downs to see David and Diana with Sarah and an action packed day in the buzzard hide


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A day trip to Rainham Marshes to visit their new photography hide

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