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August 2013



Summer holidays with an iphone!


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Sometimes even the most obsessive DSLR user has to leave all the gear behind and I'm a great believer in taking pictures every single day and my iphone has a great camera.  People often ask me 'what's the best camera?'  and of course, the answer is 'the one that you've got in your hand!'  

So with my iphone and a nice little app called Photo Collage, I set about capturing some of August's special moments.  You can't pull a Canon 1DX out of your back pocket when your grandson's first tooth comes out.  You can't muck about when for 2 fleeting seconds there's 'an epic pee place' or when Woody's head breaks in half, or when the butterflies that you've been carting around all summer suddenly choose to emerge, or when young knight's are taking their first swing at the opposition.  

Much as I love my 1DX, I love the spontaneity and creativity of my iphone.  It's always there, tucked in a pocket


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While in Northumberland, we stayed in one of the gorgeous Farne Cottages just next to the turn off for Holy Island and next to a great pub. We stayed in Cuthbert Cottage which can be booked by clicking on the link.  Alternatively contact Wild Shutter for further information.  These cottages really are a great place to stay and explore Northumberland.