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November 2013



An autumn evening by the river


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I spent a wonderful week in Perthshire trying to capture something of the autumn colour and landscape.  Trying to capture the essence of the waterfalls, the colours, the amazing scenery was a real challange.  It's not difficult to find amazing views and scenery but it's much more difficult to create this in the camera so that it translates onto a screen.  

I was really intrigued by the colours and the movement of leaves and branches in the wind.  I wanted to try to capture something of the essence of autumn.  Some of my favourite moments and resulting of images are from an evening by the side of the river.  I experimented with using neutral density filters to smooth the water but still give some sense of movement but also slowing the shutter speed down so that the movement of the leaves could still be seen.  Although it was pitch black when we finished and we were working with head torches, the tones/colours that the camera sensor recorded were incredible and very addictive.

I left Perthshire with a desire for more and a real need to explore the more creative aspect of my photography.  I think the more representative landscapes are the least successful from the trip whereas the more creative 'essence of autumn' images really excite and interest me.

The river banks were a great source of colour and inspiration.  There's something about the contrast between the copper colour of the beech leaves and the vivid greens of moss covered boulders in the river ... and it's almost impossible to walk away if there's a even a tiny bit of light to work with.

Waterfalls are great places to while away many hours with a camera and some neutral density filters.  So many different aspects to explore, from wider angles to small details of the flow.  I often got interested in the ferns or the colours of the trees on the banks or the contrasting colours of the white of the water spray and the dark granite of the rocks.

Anyway, I hope you like some of the images 

Thank you Ian Haskell for your company and patient tuition when I couldn't see the image for looking!


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