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November 2014




Fly Agaric

I spent many happy hours during November rolling about in the leaf litter and mud.  Fungi are very cooperative subjects in some ways but whilst they might stay still and pose, the photographer does not!  A day of photographing fungi is the equivalent of a work out in the gym!  Up and down, up and down...

Here is a selection of favourite fungi from November... taken in the New Forest and in Kent.  I live in (misguided) hope that my waistline will reflect the calories that I expended on my work outs!

  • boletus_fungi.jpg
  • fairies_bonnets.jpg
  • horn_of_plenty.jpg
  • mycena_fungi.jpg
  • neobulgaria_pura.jpg
  • oyster_fungi.jpg
  • peziza_fungi.jpg
  • porcelain_fungi.jpg
  • porcelain_fungi_gill_structure.jpg
  • ramaria_fungi.jpg
  • rose_rusual_fungi.jpg
  • sulphur_tufts.jpg
  • sulphur_tufts_maybe.jpg
  • _porcelain_fungi_detail.jpg
  • _sulphur_tufts_in_beech_wood_.jpg

I confess to having two favourite fungi species... The first is Amethyst Deceiver.  They always seem to grow in the darkest of woodlands in the shade of the leaf canopy.  Some of these images are my attempt to show some of their exquisite detail.  I have also chosen to leave images in representational darkness, but with just a bit of light illuminating the edges of the cap and or stem.

  • amythyst_deceiver_gill_structure.jpg
  • amythyst_deceiver_in_context.jpg
  • amythyst_deceiver_portrait.jpg
  • amythyst_deceiver_under_side.jpg
  • amythys_deceiver.jpg
  • amythys_deceiver_pair.jpg

My absolute favourite fungi is the Fly Agaric, Amanita Muscaria.  There's a special place in Kent where I've been each year where I feel as if I've been transported to fairy land.  The woods are thickly carpeted with these extraordinary, magical looking toadstools.  I always half expect fairies and goblins to appear in the undergrowth.  This year wasn't quite so lucky for me as last year.  The first day I visited, the ground was so dry that there wasn't a single toadstool to be seen.  Just a couple of weeks later, and they had burst out of the ground but not in quite such splendour as my visit in 2013.  I didn't find a 'family' in photographable condition this year so I amused myself by taking an arty-farty approach.  And, I'll be back next year #obviously.
  • 5602-abstract.jpg
  • bit_on_the_side.jpg
  • bug_on_a_fly.jpg
  • classic_portrait.jpg
  • curled_up.jpg
  • detailed_edge.jpg
  • detail_on_top.jpg
  • diagonal.jpg
  • edge.jpg
  • emerging.jpg
  • gills.jpg
  • light_through_gills.jpg
  • nibbled.jpg
  • one_bite.jpg
  • on_edge.jpg
  • orange_colour_variant.jpg
  • stacked.jpg
  • stalk_and_gills.jpg
  • topside.jpg
  • top_down.jpg
  • underneath.jpg
In fact, one of my happiest ever camera outings was spent photographing Fly Agaric... hence the logo, which makes me smile and think of that day, every time I look at it.  Thank you Brett Lewis for showing me fairy-land and thank you Mike Ashton for creating the happy logo from my photo.