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August 2015



Osprey at Rothiemurchus



Last year I spent an early morning at Rothiemurchus Estate and did my best to photograph Ospreys... but it was one of those dreadful foggy mornings when the opportunities just don't arrive. Sitting for hours and hours in a hide and waiting for an Osprey to dive into the water to fish is incredibly addictive.  These magnificent birds circle overhead, some of them call but mostly they appear out of the blue and suddenly drop into the water.  The adrenaline rush is unbeatable!  I was hooked, and determined to improve on my few shaky images from 2014. So, in August 15, I set off on a trip to the Cairgorms to take advantage of the Osprey's peak season.  I booked in a couple of early mornings at Rothie but also decided to just sit all afternoon and through the early evening just in case an Osprey dropped in.  I was incredibly lucky!

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I can't say that I was always blessed with the best light or wind direction but I like some of the 'arty' shots that I took when I couldn't get a faster shutter speed and decided to go for a bit of movement blur.  Certainly, the Ospreys did their best and made regular dives.  The staff at Rothiemurchus Estate couldn't be more helpful and I'm very grateful to Neil McIntyre for his support for this trip.  The Ospreys are such magnificent birds and of course, the more opportunities that I have to photograph them, the more I want to return to try again!  Not this year however... they've left now to go off to their breeding grounds.

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