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January 2016

A winter's night at Woodberry Wetlands


We had 2 or 3 really crisp and cold winter days in January. The weather forecast looked very promising and with temperatures in the minus numbers and a thick frost, I went to Woodberry Wetlands for dawn and dusk.  I was lucky and managed to find some beautiful light.  My birding colleagues also told me that a Bittern had dropped into the reed beds.  Bitterns are rare at Woodberry Wetlands but, really cold temperatures that freeze the water at Walthamstow Reservoirs is thought to encourage the Bitterns out and about.  Although I spent hours waiting by the reedbeds, there was no sign of the elusive, shy bird.  It had tried to take off one day but the local crow population drove it back into the reedbeds where it showed well for the local keen birders but hid from me. Bloody typical!

I was more than happy with these abstract urban wildlife images, caught at the beginning and the end of the day with the first and last rays of the sun. Magical moments!  The reflections and lights are from the Woodberry Down Estate.  

I know that I need to get a lower angle to the water.  As soon as I have some money, I'll be buying a pop-up hide so that I can lurk in the reed beds with the camera lens close to the water.


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