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July 2016



a funny old month


So I'm not sure whether July is a typical new month for me... but it was certainly varied!

I started off by going to Lincolnshire to photograph Green Woodpeckers and a Reed Warbler.  My goal is to find and photograph species that occur at Woodberry Wetlands but are really difficult to target and photograph successfully there.  I went to Tom Robinson and spent a wonderful day learning sufficient field craft to photograph at the nest without disturbing the birds at all.  The Reed Warblers brought a succession of tasty insects back to nest for the one remaining baby.  It was clearly on the verge of leaving the nest.  It was a real privilege to hide and watch and photograph without disturbing the birds at all and I was very glad of the patient tuition.  

  • reedwarbler-1.jpg
  • reedwarbler-2.jpg
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  • reedwarbler-4.jpg
  • reedwarbler-5.jpg

The Green Woodpeckers also visit the Lincolnshire farm and spend some time on ant hills whilst constantly scanning the skies for predators.

  • green_woodpecker.jpg
  • green_woodpeckers_in_unison.jpg
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  • poplar_hawk-moth_resting_position-7629.jpg

Then there was a wedding celebration at Woodberry Wetlands and I spent some very happy hours on the evening before photographing the Coal House decked out in it's celebratory awning.  The wildflowers were alive with insects and colour.  Such a treat.

  • _v4i5559.jpg
  • _v4i5594.jpg
  • _v4i5647.jpg
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Oh, and I got into bugs, moths and butterflies.  You can't beat a bit of macro! It's fun spending time with the Woodberry Wetlands Moth ID team.  We set the trap up to attract the moths and then arrive really early the following morning to empty the trap and collect all the moths.  To be honest, I really don't have the patience to do the ID.  I just like the beautiful shapes and colours of these lovely critters.  Even my family are learning to like the big, fat furry moths... who all have wonderful colour under flash light. 

  • elephant_hawk_moth-1.jpg
  • elephant_hawk_moth-2.jpg
  • jersey_tiger.jpg
  • ladybird-1.jpg
  • large_skipper-5123.jpg
  • large_skipper-5129.jpg
  • lesser_stag_beetle-1.jpg
  • lesser_stag_beetle-2.jpg
  • lime_hawk_moth_side-7410.jpg
  • lime_hawk_moth_top-7412.jpg
  • poplar_hawk-moth_resting_position-7629.jpg
  • poplar_hawk-moth_side-7599.jpg
  • rubytiger.jpg
  • ruby_tiger.jpg
  • tree_lichen_beauty.jpg

And then I revisited the top of Skyline and took photographs from the 30th floor of what must be the best view in London.  It's so exciting to be able to see my house (almost), the Olympic site, Canary Wharf, the City, the Post Office Tower... as well as my beloved Woodberry Wetlands and West Reservoir.  I don't think I'd like to live quite this high up.  The towering heights and floor to ceiling windows give me the heebie-jeebies.

  • best_view_in_london-.jpg
  • east_meets_west-6966.jpg
  • looking_towards_walthamstow_wetlands-7026.jpg
  • towards_walthamstow_wetlands-7028.jpg
  • view_towards_canary_wharf-6997.jpg
  • west_reservoir_from_skyline-7025.jpg
  • woodberry_wetlands-2.jpg