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2017 - the year in review


What a year!  Going back over my 2017 archive I realise quite how busy I have been and just how many photos I have taken.  My Adobe Lightroom library is looking after over 36,000 image files for 2017 alone!  The vast percentage of these will never see the light of day again and for good reason (they're no good!) but, thank you to my Canon 1DX MkII for being such a faithful workhorse! 

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I've put together a few slideshows.  Too many! I expect you'll get bored before the end but if you browse through, I hope you see something that takes your eye. 

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The slideshows should give you a flavour of some of the variety of my year.  I've left out some of the more personal shots but included a few of my family... well, they are my favourite people!

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The pictures started in chronological order so they're now bafflingly scrambled!  It's some sort of mystery to do with the image uploader.  I'm sorry if you're getting dizzy!

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You'll see pictures from the Royal Parks Mission Invertebrate project. It's been an absolute privilege to work with the team and to see the expressions on the faces of the children and young people as they met stag beetles, slugs, centipedes and ants!  I loved watching the little ones put on dressing up clothes and 'fly' around the parks.

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The Walthamstow Wetlands regeneration programme finished with the opening of the site to the public.  It was an amazing project to have worked on.  I spent hours on the site documenting the building works.  Watching the Engine House being restored was a real privilege.  I built up a good relationship with many of the Rooff contractors and enjoyed being escorted around the roofs and internal spaces.  Climbing the ladders to the top of the scaffolding supporting the new 33m chimney was really quite scary but I'm glad I did it... three times!  

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Laburnum Boat Club in Hackney is always a source of joy and inspiration.  I went for several sessions to photograph the youngsters on the water and attempted to record some urban nature alongside the canal.

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Going to Snettisham in November was a huge pleasure even though the weather and the conditions were not easy.  But... it was perfect for working in black and white.  I love monochrome and love working with abstract images.  Exploring black and white will be a new direction for my photography in 2018.

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The newt rescue in west London with London Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers was not only great fun but also a great learning experience.  I really enjoyed documenting the whole story of the volunteers rescuing the newts and toads from the drains and gutters.  So many critters in such a critical state.   

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The London Wildlife Trust's Potted History and Young Visions projects were wonderful to photograph for The Wildlife Trusts.  Their photos are scattered through the slide shows.  They make me smile everytime I see their happy faces.  I loved working with both projects.  It was a real joy.

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And then there was the snow!  December in north London ... and snow!  My sister and her family were staying for the weekend and wanted some family photographs.  We thought we'd got those 'in the bag' and woke up to snow on Sunday morning so went back to the local park for more fun and games.  It was lovely to see my grown up kids playing with their equally grown-up cousins.  

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I've had a fantastic year developing my photography and I want to spend more of 2018 creating the sorts of images that I really get a big buzz from.  I want to do more macro work and more monochrome and abstract work... watch this space!

Happy New Year!