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JUNE 2018

Bike Around The Borough 2018


It's been a funny old month.  I've mostly taken a rest from fun or outdoor photography.  I finished off a couple of commercial jobs and then sent the 'big camera' off to Canon for a much needed service.  Canon Service Centre are amazing by the way!  I can't praise them highly enough.

Every now and then life throws some curved balls and at these times, there's a timely reminder that family and friends are really what's most important.  So this month I've mostly used my trust iphone for the occasional snap. I find that special moments caught on my iphone and then viewed a few times help to consolidate my rather dreadful memory!

So... here you have a selection of very special moments with family and friends.  A barbecue in Badgell's Wood campsite where watched the 'children', cousins, their children all relax amongst the trees and connect with nature.  Some lovely meals with my sister or daughter (I promise not to post photos of my food too often!).  An afternon with my father.  A virtual birthday with my mother.  A few domestic moments with the grandchildren.  Flowers from a friend.  A really positive sports day experience with 'stickers' in abundance! Bike Around the Borough and... a very dear friend's special birthday party where we were surrounded by friends and family members.  Magical!

Well done Hackney... it was wonderful to see Bike Around the Borough 2018 stream past.  I shan't forget the whirl of 1100 childrenin rainbow colours streaming past for over 20minutes in a very long time.  A 9 mile cycle ride around Hackney.  Well done all!

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