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The Tree Council at Hadley Wood

I was asked to photograph a rather special day of community tree planting at Hadley Wood station in November.  The Tree Council's amazing Jon Stokes coordinated the day with a great deal of enthusiasm and style.  The rail minister attended, as did about 100 volunteer tree-planters, local schools and local parents.  Jon Varley launched his report on Network Rail Vegetation Management and handed a copy to the Rail Minister.  

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Hadley Wood station used to be fringed with trees until some rather over-enthusiastic and injudicious railway management saw the entire green corridor raised to the ground in the interest of safety.  After a vigorous local campaign that came to be known as  'Treegate', the Hadley Wood Association, Network Rail and The Tree Council came together to develop and execute a plan that will see the green corridor restored.

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The Hadley Wood scheme has been set up with three different planting schemes.  The development will be monitored by ecologists from The Tree Council and the resulting data will be used to inform national railway vegetation management.  Well done Hadley Wood Association!

These sorts of days out are always great fun.  It's fun being outside whatever the weather and there's a real bonus in seeing the enthusiasm and delight of local people, especially where the element of community involvement has been so key.  It's great to work with professionals who are responsive and want to work to get the best photographic memories from the day.

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Another real bonus for me was seeing Francesca and Philip. I hadn't seen them for many, many years so this unexpected meeting was a great pleasure.

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Thank you to The Tree Council for the invitation and particular thanks to Sara, Clare, Holly and Jon for making the whole day so enjoyable.  It was great working with you!