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Exhibition at Coal House Cafe

I often have framed prints for sale in Woodberry Wetland's Coal House Cafe.  

30% of all sales is donated to London Wildlife Trust.   If you're thinking of going, please contact me and I'll let you know if there are prints for sale on the day of your intended visit

If you're interested in buying a pre-framed print or a fine art print please get in touch.  I sell prints in a range of sizes up to A2 as well as panoramas

All fine art prints are limited editions.  All pigments and printing materials are of conservation grade and meet the hightest archival standards to ensure maximum longevity. 

I can take payment by PayPal.

Direct sales

I sell a large range of greeting cards.  They are A6 cards with my logo on the back and blank inside for your own special message.  The cards are £2 each or 6 cards for £10, plus postage.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please look through my galleries or drop me an email and I will send you a contact sheet from which you can select your preferred images.

Wildlife selection

  • 01_arctic_tern_master_file.jpg
  • 03_osprey_master_file.jpg
  • 04_red_squirrel.jpg
  • 06_puffin_taking_off_master_file.jpg
  • 07_pine_marten.jpg
  • 08_water_vole.jpg
  • 13_brown_hare.jpg
  • 14_sparrowhawk.jpg
  • cl8d0320.jpg
  • _33i3494.jpg
  • _g9r0681.jpg
  • _g9r1513.jpg
  • _g9r3686.jpg
  • _g9r4030.jpg
  • _g9r6104.jpg
  • _l8d0008.jpg
  • _z7w4604.jpg
  • _z7w4637.jpg
  • _z7w7079.jpg
  • _z7w8289.jpg


  • _g9r2310.jpg
  • _g9r2455.jpg
  • _g9r2649.jpg
  • _g9r8332.jpg
  • _g9r8425.jpg
  • _g9r8440.jpg
  • _g9r8815.jpg
  • _z7w6652.jpg
  • _z7w6799.jpg
  • _z7w6854.jpg
  • _z7w7338.jpg
  • _z7w7374.jpg
  • _z7w7767.jpg
  • _z7w8120.jpg
  • _z7w8160.jpg
  • _z7w9426.jpg

Little stuff

  • 09_cowslip.jpg
  • 10_black_tailed_skimmers.jpg
  • 11_fragrant_orchid.jpg
  • 12_marbled_white_z7w6478.jpg
  • _h0r6804.jpg
  • _l8d7818.jpg
  • _l8d8018.jpg
  • _z7w7313.jpg

Urban selection

  • _g9r2310.jpg
  • _g9r8815.jpg
  • _z7w0419.jpg
  • _z7w5506.jpg
  • _z7w6087.jpg
  • _z7w6716.jpg
  • _z7w6893.jpg


  • _g9r6131.jpg
  • _g9r6642.jpg
  • _z7w1244.jpg
  • _z7w1487.jpg
  • _z7w1620.jpg
  • _z7w1908.jpg
  • _z7w2135.jpg
  • _z7w3267.jpg
  • _z7w3323.jpg
  • _z7w3453.jpg
  • _z7w3488.jpg
  • _z7w3901.jpg
  • _z7w4424.jpg
  • _z7w4500-2.jpg
  • _z7w4767.jpg
  • _z7w5265.jpg
  • _z7w5523.jpg
  • _z7w5811.jpg
  • _z7w6299.jpg
  • _z7w9725.jpg


For any other enquiries about prints, canvas or gifts or for a licence to use my images, I can be contacted using the form below.

Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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